Ja Morant Debuts His Signature Nike Ja 1

Ja Morant Debuts His Signature Nike Ja 1

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Ja Morant has officially joined the impressive list of signature athletes in the Nike Basketball family, tentatively poised to start a new chapter in the brand's ever-evolving story. The move is especially noteworthy due to Kyrie Irving parting ways with The Swoosh. Ja signing on back in 2019 meant that he was always integral to their future plans, it’s just been a long wait for the rising star and his fans - his shoe took roughly two years of work before being unveiled.


Nike Basketball has taken notice of the younger generation's immense talent and crowned Ja Morant as its inaugural "Gen-Z” athlete. His signing is especially noteworthy, given that Nike’s signature stars tend to skew a bit older in comparison to budding superstars like Luka Doncic, Zion Williamson, Trae Young, and Anthony Edwards, among others.


Ja Morant's incredible rise to success is the stuff of legend. After taking a relatively unconventional path and playing for Murray State in Kentucky, he impressed scouts and executives alike with his undeniable commitment and determination until finally being selected second overall in the influential 2019 NBA draft class. With the seemingly perfect timing of the Nike Ja 1, Ja has propelled himself into MVP discourse this season, which should make for some great storytelling opportunities for the Nike Basketball team when the Ja 1 finally releases in April of 2023.

The details surrounding the Nike Ja 1 are limited for now, but Ja Morant laced them up for a Christmas Day debut and also launched a social video unboxing the shoes with the help of his daughter. Photos courtesy of SBD reveal a modern silhouette with details that give Kobe vibes, which is fitting considering how Ja Morant has had a number of Kobe exclusives through the years. With that in mind, it’s hard not to be excited about the potential for Ja Morant and Nike Basketball to reinvigorate the brand with Ja’s high-flying style of play. Hopefully, the Ja 1 will bring some much-needed energy to the world of signature basketball shoes.


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