The Sneaker Throne was created because we were tired of opening our closet to choose our shoes for the day only to be staring at stacks and stacks of cardboard shoe boxes or shoes being forced into storage solutions that were never meant to store the sneakers of today.  We always envied the athletes, rappers and pop stars who had their custom built shoe closets that showed off their collections and wished we could somehow have one of our very own.  It was then that we knew that we had to create a new way for the average sneaker enthusiast to show off their prized sneakers in a display unit that would make them overflow with pride and joy each and every day.  As you know, collecting sneakers is not only about making a purchase and wearing the shoes, it is about taking pride in our collection.  

The Sneaker Throne's sole mission is to provide sneaker enthusiasts with simple sneaker storage solutions that allow our customers to take pride in their collection to the next level.

The community at Sneaker Throne has never been satisfied with any of the shoe storage options currently on the market.  We feel that there is not a single product that understands our storage issues and our desire to show off our pride.

Let's stop storing our favorite sneakers in cardboard.

Take pride in your collection.