SNEAKER THRONE 2.0 $127.49 $150.00
Give your favorite sneakers the showcase they deserve. It's time to take pride in your kicks by storing them in a case that is more like a piece of furniture than a plastic or cardboard box. In no time at all, your collection of favorite kicks will look museum worthy leaving your friends drooling with jealousy.  Oh, did we mention the lights? Expertly crafted of wood Precision cut 1/4" thick acrylic doors Fits most high-top sneakers Stores up to 6 pairs of sneakers up to size 15 Sliding doors protect from dust & dirt Remote control LED color changing light strip with AC adapter Wall mounting straps Stack up to four units for additional storage
DROP SIDES from $47.99 $58.00
The all new Drop Side storage box is designed to easily store and display all our favorite kicks. We grew tired of staring at the heels of our favorite shoes.  Tired of laying down our precious high tops. We decided to make a bold change...move the clear door to the side so we can see the entire side profile of the shoe.  We also increased the height to let our shoes stand up. Finally, the plastic shoe storage box that has it all!
Sneaker Trees from $54.50 $72.00
You love your kicks right?  So make sure you take proper care of every pair by using Sneaker Trees.  Specifically designed to help you maintain the shape, reduce creasing and help prevent warping of all your prized shoes in your collection. Fits Men's sizes 6-13 Fits Women's sizes Made of durable hard plastic and black coated steel Lightweight perfect for traveling Ideal for using while cleaning and caring your kicks Suitable for sneakers, dress shoes, boots, loafers and more. Fits Nike, Jordan, Yeezy, Adidas and all your favorite brands
Sneaker Bench w/6pk Drop Sides Bundle $275.00
Sometimes you just need a place to sit down and put on your kicks! The Drop Side Sneaker Bench allows you to store and showcase your sneakers while giving you a spot to lace up before heading out. The bench is expertly engineered to hold 6 of our most popular Drop Side storage boxes. Not only designed to hold your body weight, but also can accommodate many flat screen TVs as well as gaming consoles.  Just another perfect multifunctional piece of furniture from Sneaker Throne to allow you to put your kicks on display. Details Dimensions Shipping Available in Black Expertly crafted of wood Supports 250lbs of weight Includes 6 Drop Side cases in black. Easily fits hi-top sneakers Clear magnetic acrylic doors 5-sided UV protection No sneakers included with purchase Unit Dimensions: 45.25" wide x 20.5" tall x 11.75" deep Sized to fit up to size 14 shoes Hassle Free Assembly Ships from USA Orders ship within 2 business days 3-5 day shipping via Fed Ex Ground