Can you help walk me through the assembly?

To make assembly as easy as possible, we have created a step by step guide with loads of real life product images to help you each step along the way.  Please us the link below to access the Step by Step Video Assembly Guide.  If you have any additional questions, it is best to please email us at or you can direct message us via Instagram (@mysneakerthrone).  Emailing is best!  We are here to help!

How many Sneaker Thrones can I stack on top of each other?

It is recommended that you only stack one additional unit on top of the other due to the weight of the product.  Please be sure that the units are securely attached to the wall to prevent injury (sold separately).

How many pairs of sneakers will the Sneaker Throne hold?

The Sneaker Throne was designed to store 4 pair of shoes if you choose to display your shoes from left to right.  If you choose to store your shoes toes in first, then the Sneaker Throne can accommodate 6 pairs of sneakers.

What is the biggest size sneaker that this unit can hold?

We have been able to store a size 15 sneaker in this unit.  To ensure your sneakers will fit, see question below.

How do I know if my shoes will fit inside the unit?

Please measure the length and the height of your current shoe you wish to display.  The Sneaker Throne shelf is 30.3" wide x 7.8" tall x 14" deep.  If your shoe is shorter than 14" long, it will fit ok.  If your shoe is shorter than 7.8" tall, it will fit ok.

The lighting kit in my Sneaker Throne has stopped responding. Can you help?

Below you will find key information that will help assist you in troubleshooting issues with your lighting kit:

1. Please ensure that you are using fresh batteries.  We have found that this lighting unit works best when not mixing old and fresh batteries.

2. Please note that if you would like to prolong the battery life of your lighting kit, it is best to leave the ON/OFF switch in the OFF position when you know that you will not need to utilize your lighting and remote control.  Once the lighting kit is in the ON position, the unit will be placed in STANDBY mode.  In STANDBY mode, the unit will always be on the lookout for the remote control, thus causing the batteries to deplete faster than expected.

3. When troubleshooting, please be sure to check that the ON/OFF switch is in the ON position.

4. If you have replaced the batteries in your lighting kit and still find that the lighting strip is not turning on, there is a good chance that your remote control needs to be repaired to the lighting kit.  Please follow the instructions below:

  • Turn off the power of the main unit for 5 seconds.
  • Turn the power back on after 5 seconds and immediately press the SPEED- and SPEED+ keys together for 5 seconds.
  • After this operation, the lighting unit and the remote controller should be paired again.

My Sneaker Throne arrived and when assembling, I noticed that there is an issue with one or more of the pieces.  What should I do?

Sneaker Throne has the ultimate goal of ensuring our customers are totally satisfied with our product. If you have any issues, please reach out by email or Instagram and we will be sure to assist you.  When contacting us, please be sure to provide your order number as well as any images of damaged pieces.  Not only do we need the images to verify, but we also use the images to work with our factory to let them know any improvements that need to be made for future orders.  Please email us at or DM our Instagram account @mysneakerthrone.



Money Back Guarantee

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