3 Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Hat Storage

3 Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Hat Storage

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The modern world of fitted hats has changed everything about how people collect and store their hats. In recent years, fitteds have become much more than just a way to shade your eyes from the sun. Instead, they’ve become pieces of art, with exclusive and limited edition designs that are not only worthy of being on display in your own personal hat museum, but they’re also about making a statement that says you are in the know. With both fitteds and snapbacks leveling up in quality, design, and exclusivity, the perfect way to put your collection on display and keep them protected is with our Hat Throne.


1.Every Time You Put On a Hat It’s Covered In Dust

While it might be easy to just throw your hats on the shelf in the closet or on top of your dresser, the downside to leaving them out is that they inevitably collect dust, even in the cleanest of houses. With most fitted hats being made of wool, or a similar wool blend, the material is a dust magnet. We all know cleaning and brushing your fitteds is a part of properly maintaining your collection, but what if you didn’t have to worry about because your fitted collection was properly protected in your Hat Throne?


2. Your Hats Keep Losing Their Shape

It’s one thing for the beaters in your hat collection to look like they’ve been to hell and back but for most of us, our hats are our way of feeling fresh. When you store your hats on top of each other, you risk having them lose their original shape. Especially for those that have larger collections where hats may not be worn as frequently, it’s important to have them properly stored.

3. It Takes You Forever To Find The Hat You’re Looking For

When your fitted hat collection starts to move into the dozens or hundreds, it can be incredibly time consuming to find the hat you’re looking for if you are not well organized. With the Hat Throne, you can easily store 30 hats and easily access any of the hats in each row. Simply slide out the tray to access each row of hats. For collectors with larger collections, orgnaizing by color or team can make orgnaizing a collection that uses multiple Hat Thrones and if you’re in need of even more storage, check out our new over-the-door hat storage.


Over the years, hat storage has evolved into something that lives up to the expectations of modern day fitted collectors. Your hats deserve to be protected and properly displayed like the works of art that they truly are. If you’ve already realized that it’s time to upgrade your hat storage and are currently using your Hat Throne, tag us in your photos on Instagram, we’d love to see what your setup looks like.

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