The LeBron 2 Is Coming Back and It’s Good, Really Good

The LeBron 2 Is Coming Back and It’s Good, Really Good

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It’s hard to imagine a world in which the LeBron James sneaker line can compete with the Air Jordan line in terms of popularity and sales. Not trying to stir up an endless debate, but it’s obviously like comparing apples and oranges, considering that Jordans have been around for nearly 20 years longer than LeBrons. That said, if there was one thing that LeBron James and his team at Nike are doing incredibly well, that’s embracing the return of the early LeBron shoes. With Jordans, it took decades for some of the best stories to be told, Shattered Backboards being the best example. For LeBron's legacy, Nike and King James have already been retroing some of the most popular colorways in the history of the Nike LeBron line, including some incredible player exclusives, like the upcoming “Maccabi” Nike LeBron 2.

The “Maccabi” colorway first appeared in 2006 during the pre-season. Aside from the obviously impressive color combination of white and gold, the “Maccabi” and the LeBron 2 helped launch an entirely new era of design aesthetic for Nike by introducing laser-etched graphics. Along with the new look, the exclusive nature of the shoe made it a grail for the PE collectors of the day. As a player exclusive that was never released, the allure of the “Maccabi” LeBron 2 has remained throughout the years. On September 28th, however, this colorway becomes attainable when it releases on the SNKRS app.

Nike Lebron 2 Maccabi 1

Nike Lebron 2 Maccabi 2

Nike Lebron 2 Maccabi 3

Nike Lebron 2 Maccabi 4

Nike Lebron 2 Maccabi 5

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