Two New New Balance 2002R Colorways Dropping Soon

Two New New Balance 2002R Colorways Dropping Soon

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New Balance might be labeled as the dad shoe brand by many but there is no denying that the company is having a resurgence that would make any midlife crisis worth living through. One of the most popular sneaker models in recent years for New Balance has become the 2002R. The craziest part about the 2002R’s newfound success is how drastically different the model is from the first New Balance 2002 that was released in 2010. Back then, the 2002 had a retail price of $250 and was one of the most advanced shoes on the market. With the modern makeover, the 2002R, the full-length N-Ergy equipped midsole from the OG 2002 was reenvisioned with a more affordable option in 2021 and moved from “performance” to “lifestyle” by the brand. The change, combined with some high-profile collabs with Salehe Bembury and others, made the new 2002R an instant hit.

In the coming weeks, New Balance will introduce two new colorways of the 2002R. The “Truffle” and “Rust Oxide” variations take on the most important aspect of the 2002R’s reinvention: unique colorways. The shelves of your local sneaker store are littered with “varsity” colors, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, in order for a shoe to stand out from the rest the colorways, especially of the tonal variety, need to offer something new to sneaker enthusiasts. That’s where New Balance and the 2002R have found their sweet spot. The red hue of the New Balance 2002R “Truffle” and the orange hue of the “Rust Oxide” aren’t your run-of-the-mill color options, which means they will stand out whether you’ve got them on your feet or stashed in your Sneaker Throne. Look for these at your favorite New Balance retailer starting later this month.

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