Underwhelming And Two Decades Too Late, Or On Brand And Perfectly Timed?

Underwhelming And Two Decades Too Late, Or On Brand And Perfectly Timed?

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Back in 2005, Diamond Supply Co. founder, Nick Tershay, was given the opportunity to create a Nike SB Dunk as a part of the “team manager” series. If you’re reading this, you probably know all about the Tiffany blue hues, black faux croc skin details, and chrome-like Swoosh that became one of the most legendary colorways to ever land on the Nike Dunk. In fact, the success of the original eventually resulted in a high-top version in 2014, and three more variations of the “Diamond Dunk” lows in 2018. No other collaborative SB Dunk has ever seen 5 variations released, and that alone tells you just how significant the shoe is to sneakerheads.


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Of course, despite their Throne-worthiness, none of the Diamond Supply Co. SB Dunks were in any way connected to the brand that inspired the original colorway. In a way, that makes them even better. Skate brands and shops are notorious for “paying homage” to pop culture and mainstream brands through imitation. Many of the earliest Nike SB Dunks were exactly that, colors and themes that were obviously inspired by the brands that are now used as nicknames for the shoes. The original “Tiffany Dunks” release is a perfect example: a tribute to a brand that lived in a completely different galaxy than skateboarding twenty-plus years ago. For better or worse, the sneaker game has evolved into something so much bigger than the brands that used to be made fun of or bootlegged, who are now releasing official collabs.

Next month, Nike will release their official collaboration with the jewelry brand, Tiffany and Co. in the form of a new Nike Air Force 1. The colorway is straightforward with an all-black upper and “Tiffany” blue Swoosh, which features details that give the shoe a high-end feel. While, the colorway is simple, elegant, and exactly what you would expect from a luxury brand collab, I can’t help but feel like this release just can’t live up to its pre-existing unofficial legacy. To be fair, the success of the original Diamond Dunks makes it nearly impossible for Tiffany and Nike to create something that stands out without it feeling like a rip-off of the OG Diamond Dunks. I can’t imagine sneaker enthusiasts looking at this upcoming Tiffany and Co. Nike Air Force 1 and being excited about anything more than the potential resale value of the shoe.

According to House of Heat, the Tiffany and Co. x Nike Air Force 1 releases on March 7th for the retail price of $400.


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