Another Holographic Air Jordan 1 Is Dropping Soon

Another Holographic Air Jordan 1 Is Dropping Soon

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Gimmicky or not, we all have our weaknesses when it comes to the features that sell us on a pair of sneakers. For some, it’s icy outsoles, reflective uppers, or unique patterns and prints that the brands have made iconic. For others, it’s the limited nature, the hard-to-get, and the collaborations, that really make sneakers irresistible. Although you might remember holograms as a part of your youth and those “expensive” baseball cards your parents refused to buy you, or resurrected Tupac performing at Coachella a few years back, it looks like we’ll be able to add a new (but old) element to that list with more holographic sneakers being added to the release calendar.


Following up on the Air Jordan 1 Low that we previewed a few months back, the Air Jordan 1 Mid will also get a new “holographic” makeover. Aside from the obvious holographic effects, the color palette for this Air Jordan 1 is relatively simple. The tried and true black and white, commonly called “Panda” now, is the basis for the colorway. Imagery of Michael Jordan takes up the panel where the Nike Swoosh would typically be found. The famous Nike logo is still there, in the form of holographic art. Whether or not you are ready to add this pair to your Sneaker Throne might depend on seeing these in person, but there is no denying that the technology in creating the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Hologram” still feels a bit futuristic.

According to Sole Retriever, these drop on September 14th on the Nike app and at select retailers.

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