Love Them Or Hate Them, Pandas Are Back Again

Love Them Or Hate Them, Pandas Are Back Again

The Nike Panda Dunks, nicknamed after their black and white colorway, have been the most talked about and debated release of the last few years. On one hand, people seem to hate them because they are so popular, made of poor quality, or for any number of reasons. On the other, the fact that you can step outside and see them on people’s feet in just about any city in the United States right now seems to prove that they’re near the top of the list when it comes to the most popular new sneaker releases.

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t really avoid seeing them. For that reason alone, it should be no surprise that Nike has been “restocking” the black and white Dunk Lows repeatedly. Yet another re-release is set for August 11th on the SNKRS app according to House of Heat but the Panda theme is continually expanding beyond Dunks.

According to SBD, the iconic Nike Air Force 1 will be the next sneaker silhouette to be remixed with a black and white color palette and the now-famous “Panda” nickname. For the most part, the color blocking is exactly what you would think of if someone told you the Panda colorway was being placed on a pair of AF1s. A white base, black heel, and black mudguard around the toebox, are almost exactly like the color choices on the Panda Dunks. For the Air Force 1 however, Nike added an extra layer of material surrounding the Swoosh and flipped it to a white with black underlying layer. 

No release date has been set but rumor is that we will see these drop in the coming weeks on the SNKRS app.

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